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Alive with her love of the art, sunny, spirited California native Kristin Elliott is your go-to girl for high energy roles. Born to perform, actor-dancer Elliott could not be contained, even in church when she shot up the aisle at age 3 to join the stage with the choir. All that bubbly energy got successfully channeled into competitive gymnastics, cheerleading, dancing and musical theater at summer camps during elementary and middle school. 

Her high school Cheerleading team won multiple national titles in smaller divisions, and later snagged 2nd place with her college team at the big national competition. Elliott’s mad skills scored her a cheerleading scholarship to University of Memphis. “A life changing experience.” Kristin spent a year eating, sleeping, and breathing ‘cheer’, before deciding that she really wanted to focus back on acting. Ironically, back west, Kristin was cast as a swing in multiple roles for the “Bring It On-The Musical” tour where she combined her killer cheerleading, dance, and acting. 

She learned the show in a studio, rehearsing 5 days a week for six grueling weeks and joining the tour in Denver, Houston, Dallas, and Fayetteville, AR. All that physical exertion is balanced by internal activity. Kristin studied acting with Michael Monks at Ivana Chubbuck and with Ivana herself. From Colleen Foy and Stan Kirsch At The Stan Kirsch Studio, Kristin learned about ‘the business’ and auditioning. 

Kristin’s hard work is paying off; she’s been cast in high profile projects. Her recent scene across from Emma Stone on “La La Land” was an awesome experience; Elliott loved every minute. “Spider and The Frog,” Kristin’s short with “The Hobbit’s” star, William Kircher, told the story of a hit man and a prostitute on the run. “It was a great experience!” Elliott’s role in the horror film, “Smiley,” gave Kristin a taste of the genre she loves. She’s a huge horror fan!  Her big personality is perfect for scare-spoofs. “I LOVE Scream Queens!” Kristin’s work includes roles on Spike TV’s “Tattoo Nightmares,” webisodes; “Focus Group,” and she recently worked on Eli Roth’s Crypt TV ‘15 Second Scare’.  Elliott’s commercials include roles as a dancing nurse on American Career College, a cheerleader in AT&T, and a snooty ex-girlfriend for Braun Electronics. She loves hosting shows and in her recurring host role for SoFlo Facebook (10 Million Followers!)  Kristin has been known to surprise people with a box full of puppies [!]

High-level experience in Jazz Funk, Hip Hop, and Jazz dance, Kristin’s tackled roles in dance-heavy shows like “A Chorus Line,” playing Diana Morales and in “You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown,” as Sally Brown. A “Chicago” tour would showcase both her ballsy personality and dance skills. Kristin’s adorable, raspy, good-fairy voice is a perfect fit for her petite, feminine, positive, and athletic persona, and for voice-over. 

Super-fit, Kristin’s back handsprings skills are well documented on the Michael Buble music video “It’s a Beautiful Day.” On set, Kristin literally did hours of handsprings behind the astonished Buble as he strolled past her on set. Kristin recalls the superstar’s kindness. “He was so nice! He kept asking me if I was OK.” [she was]. Elliott’s family is pretty fascinating. Her dad’s a retired FBI agent. “I used to go on surveillances with him!” Ergo, Elliott has the skill set [gun handling] and endurance for action-y shows like Quantico,  NCIS, Orange Is The New Black, Prison Break, Blue Bloods, Law and Order SVU,  How to get Away With Murder.  Kristin’s comedic skills are a natural for Brooklyn 99 and Two Broke Girls. Kristin's effervescent, positive, and contagious energy will light up any set as well as the screen!

Kristin rocks the feisty, long-haired, bright eyed appeal of her role models Sandra Bullock and Julia Roberts. Elliott has set her bar high, but with her rad skills she’s certain to clear it. 

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